Ice Age Jersey

9th July 2013

The History department have been enjoying the opportunity to visit the Ice Age Jersey archaeological site at Les Varines this week.

The students involved have had the chance to see archaeologists at work, and to question them about what they are looking for and how they are doing it. The site being excavated is approximately 17,000 years old and was used by some of the early modern humans. They have enjoyed learning about what the landscape would have looked like then, and thinking about why humans would have wanted to be in the area that is now a field at the back of JCG Prep! Jersey has some of the best preserved evidence in Europe for various prehistoric periods, and I think it gave the students a feeling of how important this area of our heritage is, as well as how we learn about it. One Year 8 student was overheard on the way back to school saying “That was actually really interesting!” I think that says it all!