Inspiring Piano Masterclass

11th February 2020

The celebrated pianist Anna Fedorova visited Jersey in January to perform Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto at the Opera House. A Ukrainian pianist, Ms Fedorova travels the world performing. The concerto she performed is fiendishly difficult to play and thrilling to hear. In addition to the concert Ms Fedorova gave a masterclass; which is when promising students perform, and the artist helps them with their playing, rather like an open lesson. We were particularly fortunate that we could include 2 JCG pianists in the masterclass she gave.

Pajelly said: ‘It was a lovely experience to be at the masterclass, Ana Fedorova is a fantastic pianist herself and also really inspiring. It’s interesting to hear other people playing as well as hear the comments to their skills. I think I have learned much from the class and have seen my places of improvements.’

Isabel added that she really enjoyed the piano masterclass and felt very honoured that she was one of four students chosen from the island to perform.

We are particularly grateful to Music in Action and the Academy of Music who facilitated this.