Jacksons becomes first Frustra Corporate Partner for the JCG Foundation

24th May 2013

Jacksons becomes first Frustra Corporate Partner for the JCG Foundation and support the launch of the charity’s online communications portal www.jcgfoundation.com


Jacksons have become an official corporate partner of the Jersey College for Girls Foundation supporting the JCG Foundation and education in Jersey. The sponsorship agreement includes a financial donation of £5,000, making Jacksons a JCG Foundation Frustra corporate partner which will initially cover a variety of projects over the next 12 months. One of the most exciting activities made possible thanks to the sponsorship is the launch of the JCG Foundation interactive communications portal www.jcgfoundation.com.

The JCG Foundation portal will become the hub of how the Foundation communicates with Alumni members. We encourage all ‘old girls’ around the world to register on www.jcgfoundation.com. It will keep them informed of all JCG Foundation activity, news and successes. The JCG Alumni will also be able to re-engage with each other via the portal. The portal will also provide current students with the ability to harness the experience within the Alumni as they embark on a career path.

As part of this exciting partnership for the JCG Foundation, Jacksons will also be hosting an inaugural event at JCG and Victoria College on Sunday 23rd June 2013. By kind permission of the Bailiff, Jacksons Pride and Joy event, will be a quintessentially English day out for JCG and Victoria College families, Alumni and Jacksons Clients.

‘Our partnership with the JCG Foundation forms part of our ongoing strategy to support and work directly with local organisations’ commented Charles Tennant, General Manager, Jacksons Jersey. ‘For Jacksons, the key attraction of the JCG Foundation Corporate Opportunities Programme is the ability to create learning opportunities to the JCG community which will deliver significant benefits for both the Jacksons organisation and those students involved in the projects. We recognise that many of our existing and loyal customers will have children studying at JCG and our commitment to the JCG Foundation demonstrates our desire to reciprocate the support we receive.’

The JCG Foundation launched in February 2012, has been set up as a charitable trust to support current, past students and education in Jersey. The Foundation also raises awareness of JCG within the local, national and international community. The Foundation supports students from other local schools through various programmes such as The Extended Music Programme, Jersey International Business School Inquiring Minds Lecture Series, the Hawksford / JCG debates and the JCG Serves initiative.

‘We are thrilled to welcome Jacksons as our first Frustra Corporate Partner. As well as sponsoring our unique online portal we are delighted to be working with the Jacksons team and Victoria College Foundation on Jacksons Pride and Joy event on Sunday 23rd June 2013’ commented Leanda Jane Guy, Foundation Director. ‘We are very encouraged, that despite current economic pressures, local businesses are reacting so positively to the launch of the JCG Foundation corporate opportunity programme. Investing in the next generation is crucial for the Island and the JCG Foundation scheme provides a great opportunity for businesses in Jersey to support education in the Island at many different levels.’

‘The Foundation’s unique Corporate Opportunities Programme provides a vehicle for businesses to support the heart of education in Jersey. The Foundation’s activities support not just JCG students but other young people on the Island at other schools too. There are three packages available: Nisi, Dominus, Frustra and the Dome package. If your company would like to support education locally as part of your corporate social responsibility objectives please contact Leanda Jane Guy, Foundation Director at [email protected] or call 516206.