JCG A Level results day 2020 – A note from Carl Howarth, Principal

13th August 2020

‘This is a very special generation of students who have encountered significant disruption to the end of their time at JCG as a result of the lockdown. They weren’t able to sit the exams they had worked so hard for and did not receive those important events and moments which mark the leaving of a place they love.  At every stage, we have been so impressed by their resilience, positive attitude and determination to support each other, their College and the island community.

I would like to thank our staff who worked so diligently throughout the past two years and who worked so hard to collate the information required by the exam boards. This data was then standardised according to an algorithmic model devised by OfQual to produce final grades.

I would also like to thank our parents who have supported, encouraged and worked in partnership with us. This is a hugely important day for them too and I know how anxious they will have been.

As a College, we are delighted that we continue to see a year upon year increase in our results especially at the top range of A*-A and A*-B. This continued increase reflects the dedication, strong relationships, care and skill of our students and staff and the ‘believe you can’ culture of our College.

Many students will be rightly celebrating. However, a number of students will feel disappointed that this year’s process has not allowed them to demonstrate their ability or be awarded the grade we think they deserve. Where there are anomalies due to the algorithmic OfQual model, we will do everything we can to support our students including appealing their grades. As the U.K. Government, OfQual, Exam boards, universities, schools and students have never been through this before, we will need to stay calm and work through any confusion of unexpected announcements and appeals processes that are not yet clear.

It is so important to remember that these excellent exam results achieved during the most challenging year of our lives are but one measure of someone’s education and while they will open doors to incredible future opportunities, a grade cannot and must never define a person. We are so proud and inspired by our students to excel not just academically but far more importantly as thoughtful, accomplished, courageous and kind human beings.’