JCG A Level Students resilient despite examination reform

14th August 2014

Carl Howarth, Principal of JCG, stated, ‘We are delighted for our students, their parents and teachers. I have always believed that A levels are the hardest qualification. Not only are they extremely rigorous, but now with the removal of January modules our students are the first cohort to experience this new format of end of course examinations. Our staff and students have shown great resilience in light of these changes to the examination system and we congratulate them on their success today.’

Background context
According to Ofqual announcements, schools can expect to see much greater than normal variation in this summer’s A-level exam results. A series of reforms including a return to end-of-course exams means this year’s results are likely to be more ‘volatile’ when compared with previous years, according to chief regulator Glenys Stacey. “We expect that schools will see more variability in their results as compared to last year,” she said.

This year sees a conflation of a series of changes to exam structure and content, including a shift away from modules and towards end-of-course exams.

A Level results 2

“Because of the totality of the changes, all schools are likely to be affected,” she said. “Direct comparisons with previous years’ results can’t be made because you won’t be comparing like with like.”

Qfqual have stated that the impact of the changes could vary widely from school to school, depending on choices they had made in the past. Schools that previously entered students for all units at the end of their course, for example, were likely to be affected differently than those that had to make a wholesale shift away from a modular approach.