JCG Amnesty International Group Meeting

21st January 2011

On Monday 17th January, JCG welcomed Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, a 19 year old human rights activist and refugee from Burma. Wai Hnin gave a fascinating talk to an open meeting hosted by the JCG Amnesty International Group.

Two years ago, Wai Hnin left Burma to study at Westminster University and to begin campaigning on behalf of political prisoners in Burma. Her father was sentenced five years ago to 65 years in prison for taking part in a non-violent, pro-democracy march.

JCG students from Years 9 up to 13 attended. We heard about the repressive laws in Burma, including the requirement to register intended visits to friends’ homes with the police, and how there is no freedom in education even to express ones views on a text. We heard also about the appalling Burmese prison conditions which deny basic human dignities to political prisoners.

The students were so impressed by Wai Hnin’s courage and determination to work for a democratic Burma that they resolved to take part in Amnesty International’s fund-raising campaign to send radios to Burma. This will be launched at an assembly in February.

The JCG Amnesty International Group seeks to play a part in promoting human rights around the world by campaigning and fundraising. We meet every Tuesday at 1:20 in Mr. Milner’s room and new members from any Year group are always welcome.Wai Hnin