JCG hosted two speakers from English Universities

28th November 2010

What has cross-dressing got to do with tragedy? How can I choose an English course at university? Why study medieval literature?

It was these – and many other – questions that students were invited to ponder on Wednesday 24th November at JCG.

Using funds made available by Ogiers and designed to support ‘Gifted and Talented’ students, JCG hosted two speakers from English universities. Dr Carolyne Larrington – a tutor at St John’s College, Oxford – spoke on university courses, Oxford admissions and medieval literature and Jessica Stoll – a PhD student at King’s College, London – delivered a lecture on classical and feminist approaches to tragedy.

The speakers addressed an audience of A’ Level English students from Hautlieu and Victoria College, as well as from Jersey College for Girls. The students heard engaging and entertaining talks that contained much material of direct relevance to their current courses and also offered a wealth of new ideas and provocations to keep their minds active through the cold winter months.