JCG Mile 1st July 2014

4th July 2014

The JCG mile is an annual fundraiser race held at JCG. All students participate as do many members of staff. It is a highlight of our annual fundraising calendar and last year raised £1200.

All the money raised goes towards our House charities which are charities chosen by the students and fundraising for these charities is led by the students as part of our House system which raises, on average, over £18,000 per year.

 House spirit is never more evident than on JCG Mile day and it is a great opportunity for students from all year groups to come together to have fun raising money for some very good causes along with some healthy competition.

The results of the 2014 races were:

Year 7: Phoebe Fowler – 7mins 14s

Year 8: Florence Gothard – 5 mins 59s (new Year group record)

Year 9: Alia Byron – 6mins 17s

Year 10: Alice Bain – 6 min 40s

Year 12: Isabelle Bougeard – 6 mins 38s (Sports Captain)

Staff: Mrs Smith – 7 mins 10s (PE teacher and Head of Key stage 3)

 Well done to everyone who ran, walked or skipped the mile. House points were awarded for participating and extra points for 1st to 10th places. The overall results were:

 1st: CA 192 points

2nd: AB 146 points

3rd: CF 142 points

4th: GA 139 points

5th: NI 132 points

6th: IN 125 points