JCG Mile

26th June 2013

Wednesday 26th June saw the annual JCG Mile race. The sun was shining and the House colours were out on display in full force.

 Students from every year group got their running shoes on to run, walk or in a few cases skip, the mile-long route around the college site.

Year 7 got their first taste of this very popular school fundraising event with some very competitive runners battling out for first place. Florence Gothard stormed into first place with a JCG record breaking time of 6 minutes 15 seconds! Breaking this record was all the more sweet for Florence since the previous record holder was older sister Gemma!

 Year 8 were the first runners of the day and set the standard high with Alia Byron coming in first completing the mile in 6 minutes and 36 seconds.JCG Mile

Year 9 were a little quicker with Alice Bain in first place finishing in 6 minutes and 28 seconds. She was followed by twin sisters Charlotte and Olivia Pollard who crossed the finish line together in 7 minutes and 10 seconds to claim joint second place.

 Gemma Gothard in Year 10 was looking to claim her third record time (and replace the one beaten by her younger sister earlier in the day). She came in first place with a time of 6 minute and 11 seconds but couldn’t quite beat the amazing record of 5 minutes and 50 seconds set in 2008 by Felicity Johnson-Deeley.

 The final race of the day was a joint race with Year 12 and teachers running together. Felicity Johnson-Deeley’s record time of 5 minutes and 18 seconds proved understandably too hard to beat but Rachel Leck won the Year 12 race with a very respectable 6 minute and 53 seconds. The Year 12 students didn’t all take the race quite so seriously with a special mention going to Amelia Jones who completed the race dressed as a smurf including some very impractical high heeled shoes! Mr Haine maintained his annual first place spot in the teachers’ race with a time of 6 minutes and 31 seconds. However, the efforts of the teachers paled into insignificance as Mr Taylor sailed across the finish line in a full chicken costume thanks to a 72% test score won a bet made by Rebecca Forrest in a maths lesson! Well done Rebecca!

 In all, the day was a great success with plenty money raised for House charities in the process.

 Mrs J Wright

Head of Houses