JCG Prize Giving 2014

26th September 2014

Students, Parents, Governors and Sponsors attended the JCG Prize Giving Event on Friday 13th September at Langford Hall.
Welcoming everyone, on a beautiful sunny day, Carl Howarth, JCG Principal, made the link between the Sun and the JCG Family in his review of the year. Congratulating all the students and staff on their achievements he stated, ‘Through your efforts, your intelligence, your character, like the Sun, you emit light in your friendships and service to others, heat in your ideas and energy. Our efforts go far beyond our College, reaching and warming our island and across the world. Without your intensity of effort, your warmth of kindness for each other, where would our sense of belonging be? Where would the joy and reward of learning together be? Neither would exist. And remember, JCG is not the building. Our building is just a shell holding together a fizz of curiosity, of endeavour, of service, of success, of fun, of friendship. The College does not exist without each of the thousand solar flares which fire out of your minds and hearts each day, without the myriad of activity and excellence you have all achieved, staff and students.’
Guests were welcomed by Deputy Head Girl, Hannah Paton and this year JCG were delighted to be joined by Viv Bird, Chief Executive of Booktrust, an organisation dedicated to inspiring a love of reading across the UK. Viv began her career in adult education, and is passionate about promoting a love of books for all age groups. Viv is a JCG Old Girl from the Class of 1968.
During the ceremony, guests were entertained by JCG Camerate, Allegro from Gloria Vivaldi, JCG Chamber Choir & JCG Camerata, singing Like a Singing Bird, Words Christina Rosetti and Robert Burns, Music Bob Chilcott. Finally The JCG Senior Concert Band played Codebreaker by Robert Buckley to everyone’s delight.
Outgoing Head Girl Jennifer Russ and Deputy Head Girl, Yasmine Sinel gave their Vote of thanks followed by Head Girl, Jenna Volpert giving the formal farewell address.
‘Prize Giving is a day of celebration and reflection,’ commented Leanda Jane Guy, JCG Foundation Director. ‘Whilst leaving school, our students never leave the JCG Family as we now welcome them into the JCG Foundation www.jcgfoundation.com which is here for them both now and in the future.’

2014 Prize Winners
Mary Preston Memorial Prize (for Geography Coursework) Alexandra Rive
Interactive Data Mathematics Cup Anna Cotillard
Craft Prize Anya Beuzeval
The Rachel Concannon prize for fabric manipulation Anya Bizec
Textiles Senior Prize Anya Bizec
Sarah Quenault Cup for Netball Anya Le Monnier
History of Art Prize in UVIth Caroline Lakeman
Honorary French Consul’s Prize for Linguistic Excellence in French Catherine Le Ruez
Morgan Henry Birch-Reynardson Prize for Physical Sciences Catherine Le Ruez
JFSC Award for Excellence Catherine Le Ruez
The Bois Cup for Gymnastics Charlotte Pollard
Longson Cup for All Round Endeavour Charlotte Spencer
Victoria Robinson Award for Community Service Charlotte Spencer
JCGA Centenary Award Chloe Butel
Junior Roberts’ Memorial Prize for History Clara Ashton-Barnett
Sara Johns Cup for VIth Form Shakespeare Courtney Blampied
Eunice Le Seelleur Prize for French Essay Daisy Busel
Lola Garvin Cup for Modern Languages Daisy Busel
Gruchy Cup for Effort and Achievement in A Level Chemistry Daisy Busel
Elena Bossy Prize for Inspiration to other students Daisy Busel
Rathbone Prize for Mathematics Eiryane Dean
Collette Augre Cup for Science in Lower Vith Eleanor Clarke
Yvonne Fleming Award Ella Hick
Karen Coles Cup for Endeavour and Effort in PE Ella Hick
Daphne Coutanche Memorial Trophy for hard work in French Ella Huelin
Isabel Johnson Salver for best all round contribution to music Ella Huelin
Sabey Shield for Drama Ella Reynolds
Alison Christie Cup for Endeavour and Effort in PE Ella Reynolds
Wickham Cup for Endeavour in Year 9 Emilie Edelenbos
Heather Dupre Cup for Junior Music Emilie Edelenbos
Lovelace Plate for Computer Studies Emily Behan
Duret-Aubin Prize for best all rounder in Year 9 Flora Keites
Amanda Scott Warren Cup for Vith Art Florence Crowcroft
UVIth Prize for Effort and Improvement Gemma Kean
Joanna Satchell Cup for Religious Studies Grace Nolan
Alex Picot Prize for outstanding achievement and excellence in GCSE Mathematics Hannah Behan
Viberts Jersey Lawyers Trophy for Endeavour Hannah Esnouf
Crusco Prize for most improved Italian student in Year 11 Hannah Rankine
Georgina Vinrace Cup for PE Hannah Scriven
Sixth form Photography Iona Kelly
Monica Becquet Prize for Music Isobel Osborne
McLoughlin Cup for Performing Arts (Junior) Jasmine Box
Jane Le Brocq Cup for Lower VIth Geography Jemima Hill
Caroline Dorey Rose Bowl for Hockey Jenna Volpert
Conservation Cup Jennifer Morris
Vicki Luff Shield for Drama Jodie Yettram
Ferguson Cup for Most improved Junior in Tennis Katherine Rhodes
Prefect’s Cup for English Essay Kelly Dixon
Barbara Ahier Cup for Domestic Science in Y10 Kelsei Price
Alex Picot Prize for progress and determination in GCSE Mathematics Kira Scott Warren
c5alliance award Information Technology – Junior Laura Wilding
Hassell Cup for Science in Year 7 Lily Dobber
Jill Cartwright Cup for Science Lindsay Young
Muffin Prize for endeavour in Chemistry Lindsay Young
Senior Media Studies Prize Lois Boyle
c5alliance award for Information Technology – Senior Louise Whale
Leesa Sherry Cup for progress in Year 8 Lucy De George
Nicole Berthelot Cup for Junior French Lucy De George
The Rachel Concannon prize for print on fabric Mairead Cahill
Senior Roberts’ Memorial Prize for History Mairead Cahill
Ernie Mallet Shield for effort in Music Martha Queree
Prefect’s Prize Megan Barette
All round contribution to Music Megan John
BWCI A Level Maths Award Millie Thebault-Tobin
Hawksford International A2 Psychology award Naomi Dodds
UVIth English Book Prize Naomi Dodds
Mathematics Prize (Senior) Naomi Dodds
Bertram Cup for most promising actress Nicole Le Rougetel
Hassell Blampied Psychology Award AS Olivia Blampied
Angela Stone Cup for Junior English Olivia Hunt
John Grimshaw Music Prize in Middle School Olivia Jones
Alice Nightingale Prize for enthusiasm and commitment to English Olivia Thomas
Centenary Travel Prize Pia Beardshall
Moore Stephens Prize for sustained academic effort Rachel Hayden
Rosemary Geller Trophy for PSHE Rebecca Cushing
Diana Birch-Reynardson Prize for Biology Rebecca Wijsmuller
French Prize (Senior) Rebecca Wijsmuller
English Prize for endeavour in Vith form Shavannah Robertson
UVIth Year Geography Award Siobhan O’Regan
CPA Business Studies Cup Sophie Smith
Lady Biddle Silver Salver (Most improved swimmer) Tanya Dwivedi
JCGA award Yasmine Sinel
SG Hambros Prize for persistence/determination in Maths Zana Jeacock-Fewtrell

And finally, Cock House Trophy 2014 presented to Inglis House.