JCG Quiz Raising funds for Harry’s Garden

2nd March 2020

Sharon Shepherd wants to create Harry’s Garden at JCG in memory of son Harry Zambon, who studied at JCG and Victoria College. To help raise the necessary funds for this project, Harry’s mother, has organised a Quiz Night at JCG on Thursday 19 March.

In the words of his mother, Sharon, ‘I want to create a garden at JCG in memory of my son Harry Zambon. Harry studied at JCG and Victoria College. He believed in understanding what was important in life. Harry would say he was very lucky because he had a strong and loving supportive family. He also recognised that others are not so lucky. Throughout his life he thought of how kindness and integrity were important to make a cohesive society and how each of us can make a difference. This role is not for just today but for better tomorrows… in our circle of friends, our careers and in wider society. To achieve this, Harry felt it was important to recognise that we all need to know and understand ourselves. Harry believed that if his life was balanced, then he could set his goals. Life is extremely busy but it is important to build in time for reflective thinking. Having a peaceful space on the College campus will be beneficial to all and will help develop positive directions in all aspects of life.’

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