JCG Sailing Team – Regatta Report

4th October 2013

For the first time in the history of the College, seven students from JCG travelled to St Peter Port in Guernsey to take part in a dinghy team racing.
The regatta was organised by Elizabeth College who entered two teams to race against strong sailing squads from JCG, Victoria College, Norwich School and Guernsey Ladies College.
Three boats per team race each other at close quarters, gaining points in relation to their finishing position. The team with a score of 10 points or less wins the race, so team tactics and attacking manoeuvres are used to sail boats in the opposing team to the back of the fleet. Umpires are on the water to ensure fair play!
On Friday the sailors were greeted with brisk force five to six wind speeds which would prove a real challenge for some crews. A complete round robin of races ensured that each school sailed against each other twice. Much to the surprise of the more experienced teams, some skilful and courageous performances meant that JCG were ahead on points at the end of this, proving their grasp of newly acquired team racing tactics to complement their sailing skills.

This gained them a place in the Grand Finale against Elizabeth College who narrowly beat JCG for the trophy of the day.

Saturday’s racing was moved to the shelter of Havelet Bay which, under the backdrop of Castle Cornet, provided some tight and closely fought battles between each school. Once again, team JCG proved just how effective were as a team and emerged as one of the top three schools by the end of a gruelling morning on the water.

At the close of play, Victoria College proved themselves worthy winners of the 50 year old Transom Trophy, with Elizabeth College in second and JCG third.

Team JCG can be justifiably proud of themselves for an excellent first performance. The other schools have recognised that the girls will be a force to be reckoned with in the future!

Team JCG included:
Hannah Behan Team Racing
Lily Carter
Mary Perkins
Year 10
Elana St George
Lucy Clarke
Year 9
Emily Behan
Year 7
Phoebe Le Marquand.

Well done to all!