Jersey Serves Fair

12th November 2013

JCG organised the third Jersey Serves Fair. This inspiring event was be a two day event held at Fort Regent on the 12th and 13th of November 2013.

Following a donation from the Lions Club of Jersey, the Fair was open to the general public as well as students. JCG welcomed 34 charities to the event. The Fair gave charities an opportunity to promote themselves to a large number of local students and the public so they became aware of opportunities in which they can serve their community. Over 900 students and 200 members of the general public attended over the two days.Lion Chris Clarke, President of the Lions Club of Jersey, stated, ‘We were delighted to be supporting this excellent initiative. We are always grateful to the public in the support of our fundraising events such as the Swimarathon…’ The feedback from the charities was incredibly positive regarding JCG students. They commented on their politeness, manners, knowledgeable questioning and appearance.

 Each student at JCG is expected to serve their community as part of their education at JCG. Mr Howarth, Principal, stated, ‘Whilst not compulsory, last year via the ‘Jersey Serves’ initiative our students gave 17,000 hours of service to the local community. The combined service we can give as a body of students has the power to transform what we can achieve as a College and make a huge difference to our Island.’ Further information on JCG Serves is available here http://www.jerseycollegeforgirls.com/School-Life/JCG-Serves/