Language Speakers Event

28th January 2014

On Tuesday 28th January all of Year 11 missed their normal French lessons to take part in an event to promote languages.

The invited speakers which included Mrs Taylor, Miss Morris and Year 13 student Ella Huelin spoke to the students on the benefits of learning and speaking another language and how this has shaped their lives and their careers. The students heard from Mr. John Harris, Director General of the Jersey Financial Services Commission, Mr. Peter Snape, Project Manager Jersey Electricity and Advocate Nina Benest from the Law firm Benest and Syvret.


The students listened intently to stories of perseverance, globe-trotting and even love when Mr. Snape told the girls his lovely story of meeting and falling for our former French language assistant Michèle Snape. Miss Morris gave everyone a brief outline of why she studied languages and her humour and enthusiasm captivated the students. Ella Huelin finished off the presentations and thanked our speakers for giving up their time to take part in the event. The students then had a chance to ask questions and chat informally with the guests.