Media Release JCG Serves

10th October 2011

Monday 3rd October 2011

Jersey College for Girls (JCG) launch ‘JCG Serves’ – a community initiative

Building on JCG’s ethos of supporting the community, from this September, each student at JCG will be looking to more formally serve their community as part of their education at JCG.

‘We are launching ‘JCG Serves’ because we believe service is important for JCG students as we aim for them to achieve balance in their lives and have a range of interests. We value the education of the whole person not only the results achieved in exams,’ commented Carl Howarth, Principal. ‘We know that many of our students are regularly involved in community service. Our aim is for all our students to find fulfilment through service to others.’

‘The combined service we can give as a body of students has the power to transform what we can achieve as a College and make a huge difference to our island,’ stated Cormac Timothy, Assistant Head Teacher, who is leading this initiative. ‘This service gives them the opportunity to use their skills beyond the classroom to benefit others. Furthermore, they may find that, through this service, they learn to understand others and excel in things that they never believed possible.’

Calling all Charities…
JCG will be holding the ‘JCG Serves fair’ in College on Nov 10th and are looking to local media and the Association of Jersey Charities to publicise this event.

‘We hope we can attract as many charities and voluntary organisations to our College so that our students can become aware of opportunities in which they can serve their community, explain Mr Timothy. ‘The fair will be similar to a career’s fair and will be held in College hall at JCG throughout the school day. We want to connect our young people who want to serve with organisations that would benefit from their service.’