MFL Eisteddfod 2010

8th December 2010

We are delighted to report that JCG students won the Eisteddfod Cup for both Spanish and Italian sections on 29th November at the Jersey Arts Centre.

Fiona Potigny, Year 12, won the Piedad cup for Spanish and Kathryn Baker, Year 10, won the Vittorio Crusco Cup for Italian.

Most recently on Wednesday 30th November Fiona Potigny and Rebecca Deveau, Year 12, were awarded the Trophée du Gouvernement Français, in a very competitive class.

We would like to congratulate all those students who participated in the competition. We are very proud of their success. Results of all who participated in the French classes will be published in the next Parent Briefing.

D’anger Holly –  Platinum
Mc Callum Kate –  Platinum
Potigny Fiona –  Platinum – cup winner
Searson Hannah –  Gold
Turner Mollie –  Silver

Julia Schinle – Gold

Anderson Lucia –  Gold
Behan Hannah –  Gold
D’Orleans, Tamsin Gold
Heyes Ell – i Gold
Nayar Jasmin –  Platinum
Baker Kathryn –  Platinum + CUP
Busel Daisy –  Platinum
England Lauren –  Gold
Jones Amelia –  Gold
Spears Liberty –  Silver
Spencer Stephanie –  Platinum
Taylor Nicole –  Gold
Wijsmuller Rebecca –  Platinum
Morin Arianne –  Gold
Franco Stephanie –  Platinum
Pugsley Amy –  Platinum