Multi-award winning Director of Bristol University School of Chemistry delights local Students

28th April 2016

Jersey’s school children enjoyed the most amazing science lectures/demonstrations at Jersey College for Girls, delivered by multi-award winning Tim Harrison, Director of Outreach from Bristol University’s School of Chemistry, which really brought science to life. 1300 students from the island’s primary and secondary schools were amazed and delighted in a series of eight shows over three days. Copious amounts of dry ice and liquid nitrogen were used to freeze flowers, fry eggs and even to shower in!

‘With each show tailored to its audience, primary students learnt about the chemistry of the air and KS3 had much of their recent learning reinforced. The whole of KS4’s show was relevant to their revision at such a crucial time, whilst sixth form students learnt about climate change, its consequences and potential remedies. The value of these highly entertaining and informative shows cannot easily be measured, but the smiles, laughs, screams and whoops of delight in the audiences can be’ commented Steven Braithwaite, JCG’s Head of Chemistry.