Peace Conference

20th September 2013

Helen Sayers, Yumiko Shinya and Rich Wainwright spent a morning at Jersey College for Girls exploring the meaning of Peace and explaining to 360 young people their views on what Peace is and how it might be achieved with illustrations from their experiences around the world. Afghanistan to Liberia, East Timor to Kenya, Hiroshima to Oman.

The first session was very interactive and directly involved all those present in an exercise in communication, the route to understanding between people being good communication. Subsequent sessions explored the need for education, the empowerment of women, good health and clean water as some of the many prerequisites for an environment in which Peace can flourish.

We were delighted to host this event at College and welcome students from other schools in Jersey to hear these thought provoking speakers.

It was a success and you can look at a web page about the event here: http://www.rotary-ribi.org/clubs/page.php?PgID=398743&ClubID=638 .