Polling day at JCG

17th May 2018

The votes were counted at JCG. Well done to the teams involved in managing the campaigns and our candidates.
The results of the JCG Deputy Election:
Emily Huelin 60
Amelie Le Blanq 83 elected
Sophie Sadler 36
The results of the mock election for senator
Gerard Baudains 40
Simon Bree 52 elected
Lyndon Farnham 51
Sarah Ferguson 46
Ian Gorst 72 elected
John Le Fondre 59 elected
Anthony Lewis 55 elected
Frank Luce 39
Phil Maguire 44
Sam Mezec 64 elected
Kristina Moore 73 elected
Stevie Ocean 45
Steve Pallent 44
Gino Risoli 47
Moz Scott 52 elected
Gordon Troy 34
Tracey Vallois 70 elected​