Potential Plus UK visit Jersey

5th June 2014

Jersey College for Girls and Le Rocquier School invited representatives from Potential Plus UK to Jersey to deliver an event for the Island’s secondary high learning potential students.

This was the first event that involved not only students from key Stage 3 and 4 but also their parents. There were a variety of sessions held on the Monday at Le Rocquier looking at student’s gifts and talents and focusing on critical thinking and speaking out and there were two continual professional development sessions run and a variety of teachers from all of Jersey’s primary and secondary schools attended to hear about how to meet the learning needs and emotional needs of these individual students.

Tuesday saw student and parent sessions run at JCG focusing on Creative Thinking and Research and Revision skills. The students and parents were split up and covered different areas of the same topics. It was an opportunity to equip high potential students with tools and skills to challenge themselves and also to equip their parents with skills to support their daughters beyond the classroom. Parents learnt how to structure work, conversations and how to plan, research and revise with their daughters to get the most out of their studies.

The event was run as part of the Ogier sponsorship programme for secondary G&T students in Jersey and it is hoped it will become an annual event across the schools.

It was wonderful to welcome Potential Plus to the Island and the ideas and skills they brought will prove very useful for students and teachers here at JCG and across the Island.

Mrs Ros Cleave
Educational Needs Co-ordinator (JCG)