Psychology London Conference

13th December 2012

At 6am on Monday 24th November Mr Moss and Ms Hutchings greeted 16 very tired Year 12 Psychology students to go on a two day trip to London.

However, our tiredness soon grew to excitement a little while later when we stepped of the plane ready to take on the big city. After some confusion about having to change platforms, we all managed to get on the train in one piece and head to central London. Using the tube wasn’t quite so simple as we had thought but nevertheless we all got to the right place eventually, ready for a full day of lectures with other Psychology students from across the country. In total we listened to 6 different lectures, all of which incredibly interesting, ranging from topics such as the intriguing "Nature vs. Nurture" debate to possible motivations behind murder and a real life case study explaining this. One JCG student even found herself being hypnotised on the stage! In all of the lectures there was information which we could relate to our Psychology course back at school, making them even more enriching.


After the lectures we checked in at our hotel and, as no school trip is complete without shopping, this was located inside the new Westfield shopping centre next to the Olympic Park. We then had 4 hours of evening entertainment to run around the huge centre, trying to buy as much as possible while remembering that we had only brought hand luggage on the trip. Somehow, everyone managed to just about fit everything into their bags in the evening but we didn’t think about the fact that the following day we had to carry them around with us, resulting in some very sore arms.


The next morning we woke up well rested and ready for another day in the big city. Soon after breakfast we took off to see the Science Museum where some of us almost managed to miss the tube twice! However, we got there in the end and spent the morning looking at their vast range of exhibits and having a go at their interactive electricity experiments. In the afternoon, we went to the London Dungeons where everyone had to endure 16 screaming JCG girls throughout the interactive tour. Both staff and students were asked to take part in some of the scenarios which produced some very funny memories. Soon it was time to leave the dungeons for the less scary tube station (a system which we were getting quite used to by now) to head back to Gatwick Airport. Luckily for us, we were allowed to check our bags in this time around so we could finally rest our arms on the flight home. All in all, it was an incredibly interesting two days, giving us an insight into several different perspectives of Psychology, both as a subject and in the real world.


Ida-Maria Matthiesen

Year 12 Psychology Student