Psychology students visited Jersey Magistrates Court.

12th November 2012

This annual event continues to be the highlight of the Forensic Psychology course and the students thoroughly look forward to attending.

Not only does the visit help the students to understand the text book theory in practice, but it also serves to widen their understanding of the diversity of issues that affect the local community. During the visit the girls observed the morning court session and this enabled them to see firsthand the multi-disciplinary approach that is taken to help reduce re-offending in Jersey. Furthermore, the behind the scene tours of the building that the students received from the Court Usher was extremely informative and interesting.


The students were able to pose questions to Assistant Magistrates Bridgette Shaw and Peter Harris. The students thoroughly appreciated them discussing their roles and the variety of issues that they have to consider in the individual cases. It was clear that it was a very busy morning at the Magistrates Court, however, everyone found time to make us feel very welcome and stretch the students to ask thought provoking questions.


A thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking visit was had which will enable our students to further their understanding of the Forensic Psychology course.