Royal Opera House’s Prestigious Annual Design Challenge competition

15th February 2019

Year 12 textile students have been selected to take part in the Royal Opera House’s Prestigious Annual Design Challenge competition. This challenge gave them the opportunity to test and develop their design skills based around the Kenneth Macmillan’s ballet ‘Romeo and Juliet’. 

They have been working though the design process using a real live director’s brief, building a portfolio and designing a final piece in costume design.

The students have had to produce a sketchbook that shows initial ideas and final sketches of costume designs for three characters and then construct a costume that could be worn by one of the characters in a scene.

All students have worked immensely hard and Mrs Padidar is very proud of them! Well done to Zara for being shortlisted as a finalist.

The judging process takes place in the next two weeks at the Royal Opera House in London and we wish Zara all the luck she deserves!