Six Year Strategy 2014-2019

11th February 2014

We are very pleased to introduce our strategic plan for the next 6 years. Much has happened in the progress of the College in recent years and we can be very proud of the many successes that our students have achieved over the whole spectrum of the College’s activities.

The coming years will continue to see unprecedented change in Jersey and the world at large. Technological advances and growth in the developing world relative to the developed economies present great challenges to our students and it is our job to make sure that they are properly equipped to meet them so that they can look forward to lives which are fulfilling and contribute to the well being of society as a whole. Change comes at a rapid rate and it is essential that our students are well placed to embrace and take all the opportunities that change presents. That is the essence of the plan which covers all aspects of the College’s activities and all age ranges from the Reception class to the A level student.

 The underlying values that underpin College life and all we do – ASPIRE, INQUIRE, EXCEL and BELONG – are as relevant to the future as they are to the past and these values remain the cornerstone of the plan. We start from a very strong position. The College is outstanding in much of what it does. Our aim now is to make it a great school in all that it does and the exemplar for the States Education system. Many of the targets we have set are very challenging and aspirational but we would not be doing the best for the students if they were any less so. We seek to achieve them all. We may not get there but it is a clear statement of intent.

 We thank all those who have contributed to the development of the plan, parents, staff, students and governors and look forward to reporting regularly on the

progress we make. Please http://issuu.com/jerseycollegeforgirls/docs/27485_jcg_six_year_strategy_publica to read our online version or request a ‘hard copy’ from the School Office.

 Nick Kershaw (Chairman) and Karen Rankine (Vice Chairman)