Steam Punk Weekend Workshop

21st September 2013

Unusual garments based on Victorian attire, fantasy –fiction. A cross between modern Goth & punk styles – clash of colours –soft fabrics against harsh mechanics, lace, ropes, chains, studs, spikes, cogs, wheels, bottle glasses; theatrical and exciting. What a fabulous weekend…

 Andrew Taylor has experience of working on over eighty costumed stage productions and brought an outfit based on the theme especially made for the students to use for inspiration. Students worked flat out to learn many construction techniques and Andrew had lots of tips and skilled shortcuts to help ease the workload. He really was an amazing man to work with. Nothing too much trouble, or too difficult to tackle. It has helped the students look beyond the every day. Even though they were exhausted, they could have carried on for a few more days. Although most outfits need further stitching and embellishment, students have produced a huge body of work for their GCSE & A level portfolios. We hope that Andrew will return with further exciting projects for us.

 “We’ve both had an excellent weekend and have learnt lots of new techniques used in dress making, which will help us greatly in our Textiles GCSE. Mr Taylor was a brilliant tutor and has been a huge inspiration to us and really helped us to achieve such beautiful Steam Punk garments.”

 “Mr Taylor’s Steam Punk workshop really inspired us to make many beautiful garments in our own style. The weekend helped us to learn a variety of new techniques which will be very useful for the remainder of the year and in general use. We both really enjoyed the experience and would recommended it to others taking textiles.”

 “The Steam Punk workshop held by Mr Taylor has expanded our technical skills and broadened our creative imaginations. The weekend as a whole has helped us learn a lot about different styles of clothing and fashion. It has also allowed us to go as big as possible with our imaginations. We thought this was a very productive use of our time and we would love to have future weekends like this.”

 “The Steam Punk Workshop have been a great experience for each of us, we have both learn new skills inspired by Mr Taylor. It has allowed being more creative and opening new doors to ideas in the future for other coursework. It has been two very exiting and inspiring days, both every productive! This has been an amazing opportunity and we are both very grateful.”

 “After taking part in the steam punk workshop with Andrew Taylor, we have been inspired to let our creativity flow with no limits. In such a short amount of time he has taught us lots of intricate processes which can help with the construction of garments such as corsetry. These past two days have been very busy but worth the time and effort as we have produced a vast amount of work with techniques that will help us further with our A2 coursework.”