Student Leadership Day

29th February 2012

‘I want to be the leader’ is exclaimed by a child in the school playground, yet they have given very little thought as to what being a leader means.

On Management Day, Year 12 spent time addressing this issue through discussions in groups, talks with Mr Carnegie and by trying to construct famous landmarks out of spaghetti (which highlighted the fact that for some, like myself, engineering wouldn’t be a wise career path to follow!). The talk by Mr Carnegie bought out the essential qualities that the person in charge of a group of people must possess, as well as proving that ‘teachers know all’ when they correctly identified how many tea bags would be needed to supply 18 people on a sailing boat for 40 days.*

Next came the turn of each form to present and run their activity. It was specified that every member had to take part in running the activity, which in turn had to involve participation from all other students. From dances to quizzes, teamwork was promoted and leadership skills were put to the test (as well as one activity which employed JCG students’ renowned skills at working together to make a newspaper costume of almost anything). After the activities, the application process for the leadership team was explained to us, and we were given the opportunity to listen to current members of the Student leadership Team.

So now when any Year 12 student hears ‘I want to be the leader’ they know exactly what it takes to be responsible for a group of people. Being a leader is certainly not about playing a game; instead it is about using skills and personal qualities to bring out the best in your team.

*We learnt that integrity is an essential quality of a good leader – it would be wrong of me to leave you guessing… 6480 tea bags were needed.

Hannah JaunceyLeadership Day 2012
Year 12