Sweet Charity

10th September 2010

We were delighted to see 67 eager young people on the first open audition for Sweet Charity on Monday 6th September. After a quick synopsis from Miss Davies, Head of Drama at JCG and director of the production, the 65 girls and 2 brave boys from Victoria College were put through their paces with some very challenging choreography from Miss Harley, our dance teacher and choreographer.


Having mastered the Fosse-style moves and polished their routine in groups, the students were watched and discussed by the staff team. We were very impressed by the standard from all and knew already that this was going to be a very difficult choice.


Mrs Le Feuvre, Head of Music and musical director for the show, taught the students a few tricky bars from Hey Big Spender, one of the big chorus numbers in the show. The singing of this in groups gave us an idea of the students’ vocal ability as well as their ability to ‘sell’ a song!


The second audition was even more competitive. We invited 45 students back and set them numerous extra challenges. Some tricky harmony from The Rhythm of Life was followed by a group acting sequence. On this basis we were able to decide who we felt was up to the challenge of a principle role and so 13 of the 45 were asked back on Wednesday 8th September.


At that audition there was plenty to act and numerous solo songs to learn and sing. Though nerve-wracking, the students involved were incredibly composed and tried their very best to make the right impression. We were delighted and spent the whole of Wednesday evening pouring over names and characters to decide who should play what. After several hours and plenty of lively debate we agreed on our final cast (see below).


Well done to everyone who tried – even if you were unsuccessful this time it is great experience to have a go. Rehearsals begin on Monday 13th September and tickets will go on sale in early November. The production will run from Tuesday 7th to Saturday 11th December 2010.

Cast list for Sweet Charity 2010

Charity Hope Valentine                               Gigi Neil

Charley Vittorio Vidal Oscar Lindquist    Jonny Labey

Nickie                                                              Laura Wainwright

Helene                                                           Georgie Clifford

Daddy Brubeck                                            Gemma Hamilton

Marlene                                                         Kate McCallum

Herman the Customer
Matthew Crosby

Fandango Girls and Chorus

Hostess 1-Carmen
Lead Pompeii Club Dancer                        Emma Huelin
(plus Dance Captain)

Hostess 2 – Suzanne                                  Kerry Vautier

Hostess 3 – Frenchy                                   Kirsten Chapman

Hostess 4 – Betsy                                       Alice Bravery
Daddy’s Assistant 1

Hostess 5 -Elaine                                      Jodie McShea
Daddy’s Assistant 2

Hostess 6 – Rosie (Act 2)                       Nicole Le Rougetel

Hostess 7-                                                 Octavia Bell

Hostess 8 –                                                 Sophia Petra

Hostess 9 –                                                Georgia Dessain

Hostess 10 –                                              Melissa Morshead

Hostess 11-                                               Fran Siodlak


General Chorus

Katherine Baker
Rebecca Brooke
Lauren Clarke
Laura Costard
Hermione Duncan
Lia Eversfield
Olivia Garcia
Claire Geller
Ella Huelin
Megan John
Elle Keens
Jasmine Le Maistre
Hannah-Marie Luce
Sian O’Brien
Alex Rombaut
Emma Shirreffs
Liberty Spears