Teaching Staff In Service Training- Battle of Britain Day 2014

15th September 2014

 One of the originators of Building Learning Power, Graham Powell led Inset for teaching staff at JCG Senior School on Battle of Britain day.
Graham has previously worked as a headteacher of a large comprehensive school in Wiltshire, senior secondary inspector with Gloucestershire LEA and has held posts of responsibility at all levels within comprehensive schools. In recent years, he has established a widespread reputation for his work on coaching and the ways in which this essential leadership quality can radically improve schools at all levels. He is a distinctive trainer and speaker who is sought after throughout the U.K. for conferences, training events and seminars.
Graham’s engaging presentation focused on building learning habits and set teachers the challenge of making students struggle so that their brains hurt ‘but in a good way’. He emphasised the importance of preparing students for the dynamic world in which we live, not just examinations. Teachers left the hall enthused and were able to spend a valuable hour with their department colleagues developing subject-specific strategies to convert the ideas Graham had shared into practice.
Graham’s approach fits perfectly with our Six Year Strategy and we all hope that he will return to JCG in the not too distant future for more ‘dopamine moments’.