The Granville Exchange 2013

19th June 2013

Le Collège André Malraux
In the morning we got up and went to the college André Malraux. Feeling a little nervous but very excited we greeted our pen friends and headed into the canteen area where we had pain au chocolat, orange juice and a spectacular view of the sea.
After touring the school we were set a challenge. The challenge was a fun quiz that required us to work with our pen pals in order to figure out the answers. The quiz allowed us to explore the school and become more aware of our surroundings whilst also giving us a chance to practise and use our French. The next activity involved well known nursery rhymes. All the English students had to teach the French students a well known nursery rhyme. Some French rhymes were easier than others. A couple of groups even added choreography to make their performance even better. After our morning activities we headed down to have lunch at the school canteen. The school was an interesting experience that we will all remember for a very long time.Granville Trip 2013

 Le Mont St Michel
On Friday, we went to Le Mont Saint Michel. We travelled by coach from the youth hostel and met our pen friends there. We started the long trek to the top of the abbey. On the way we received a few little talks on the history of the monastery. When we finished the tour we stopped of for lunch on the grass and said a final goodbye to our pen friends. My favourite part of the day was looking around and finding out more about the history of the monastery.

Christian Dior Museum and Town

On Thursday afternoon, once our pen friends had gone back to school, we walked up lots of steps to the Musée de Christian Dior. After the tiring walk up th e stairs, we reached the museum. The grounds of the museum had beautiful gardens, with lots of colourful flowers, and it overlooked the Granville coast. We took many photos
and then we went in.
The museum was filled with some rather extravagant dresses, but it was it was amazing to see the work of Christian Dior. The dresses and outfits that were in the museum were colourful and very intricate. We all were wondering just how long it took to design and make them!
On the whole, it was a great experience and we would definitely recommend the trip!

After the museum, we went shopping in Granville. We had an hour to fit in buying presents, sweets and of course clothes. Our challenge was to buy a postcard and stamp, buy a present for our pen pal and buy a snack.
Thank you for your help: Cerys Fearn, Marianne Enget, Jessica Brown, Chloe Swetenham, Jasmine Box, Amy Claxton and Tirion Jones