The Royal Commonwealth Society Essay Competition

30th November 2010

I am sure you will share in our delight at the continued success of Jersey College for Girls students in the prestigious international Royal Commonwealth essay society competition.

At a Reception held on Monday 29th November the Bailiff presented book tokens to the students on behalf of the Jersey Branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

This year Jersey College for Girls had the added recognition of being chosen by staff at RCS Head Office in London as their “favourite UK” school for being one of the “leaders in the competition, who always encourage their kids to take part and who often win awards”. JCG received a selection of books from the Oxford University Press as a prize.

Our prize winners are listed below.

Silver Awards
Eleanor Clarke (JCG) – Class C

Sylvie Therezien (JCG Prep in May 2010, now at JCG) – Class D

Bronze Awards

Jennifer Russ (JCG) – Class B

Chloe Knight (JCG) – Class C

Rebecca Palmer (JCG) – Class D

Ellie Hodges (JCG Prep in May 2010, now at JCG) – Class D

Charlotte Pollard (JCG Prep in May 2010, now at JCG) – Class D

Jodie Yettram (JCG Prep in 2010, now at JCG) – Class D