The Times Spelling Bee 2011

18th March 2011

On Monday 14th March, a group of four Y7 pupils travelled to Southampton to take part in South West heat of the National Times Spelling Bee. Team member Charlotte Bisson reports on what happened:

We were all up early in the morning to be at the airport by 6:15 and prepare for our challenging day. Our heads were full of complicated words and homophones, it was so exciting! On the plane we were revising and trying to fit every last word in.

We arrived at Southampton Airport and had a drink, Miss Douglas and Mrs Dick ordered two taxis and we split up into fours and eventually met again at the Cineworld venue to set up and prepare.

Thirty minutes later we were called onto the stage to start the first knock out round, we stayed in until Round 6 and by then there were only 3 more people standing. We scored 26 in this round by spelling words like denunciation, levitation and parenthesis.

We had a short break and chose what difficulty level we would use in the next round, which we decided would be medium so we would get 2 points per question.

We got 32 points in the second round, so the final points total was 58, but unfortunately we came 2nd overall. We drew points in round two with the winning team, but their team won the first round so they came 1st.

The team were all so happy to have competed and done well, and although we do not progress into the next round, we had a magnificent time taking part.