UKMT Team Maths Challenge 2015

22nd April 2015

On Wednesday two teams from JCG went to Guernsey to take part in the Channel Islands heat of the UKMT Team Maths Challenge.

They were:

Megan McDonagh (Y9)
Heather Orpin (Y8)
Hannah Owens (Y8)
Katelyn Ridgeway (Y8)

Lily Dobber (Y8)
Isabella Grainger (Y8)
Theodora Kembery (Y8)
Emma Noel (Y8)

Sixteen teams from Jersey and Guernsey took part in four rounds of Maths problems including a crossnumber (think crossword with numbers) and a relay (yes, they were running around a large hall delivering their answers at high speed).

We set off early Wednesday morning, so had an hour in Guernsey airport waiting for some of the other Jersey teams to arrive on the later plane. Team JCG wasted no time, but started practising and making lists of squares, cubes and primes!

Finally on to Guernsey Grammar School where we were given final instructions and started the competition.

JCG Team A was one of the top scorers in the crossnumber challenge, but it was all very close and eventually we ended up in 5th place (JCG Team A) and 9th place (JCG Team B).

We can congratulate ourselves on being the second placed team from Jersey and the second placed girls’ school in the Channel Islands. Our Team B did really well, beating so many of the main teams from the other schools.

To finish we had an hour of shopping in St Peter Port before catching the ferry home.

A great day was had by all.