Year 10 Challenge Day at Creepy Valley

11th September 2013

Year 10 spent Wednesday 11th September participating in various activities at Creepy Valley in St Brelade.

The main focus of the day was improving their communication skills while working as part of a team and having fun. The students worked in small groups, mainly comprising of members of their form and their form tutor. Students were expected to overcome their fears by descending the zip wire and making their way around the aerial trekking circuit. They were expected to problem solve as a team in order to build a seat suspended on a wire that would move their whole team across a pond in the fastest time. They also got to practice their navigation skills by orienteering on the sand dunes and demonstrated their passion for winning on the assault course, even giving their form tutors a piggy back across the monkey bars.

What a great way to start Year 10 and the ideal opportunity for all the students to explore their strengths and build good relationships with their peers.