28th September 2012

On Tuesday 18th September, all Year 10 students spent the day at Creepy Valley Activity Centre for a Year 10 Challenge Day.

During the day students took part in a range of activities. They took on the challenge of trying something that was not easy and experienced the satisfaction of success. They worked as a team with other members of their tutor group in an Orienteering exercise on the sand dunes.

Many experienced the adrenalin rush of the King Swing and Zip Wires, while some opted for the physical team challenge of the Assault Course. Those with a good head for heights took on the Aerial Trekking challenge, while others preferred to keep their feet firmly on the ground, enjoying the Laser Combat activity.

Staff from JCG and Creepy Valley were impressed with the positive attitude and determination displayed by students, not to mention the wonderfully supportive and caring relationships that were evident between students. All students recognised the power of working together as a team and the rewards of challenging themselves and taking risks, realising that with determination, they can achieve more than they thought possible.Year 10 Challenge Day 2012