Year 11 Language Speakers Event

17th January 2013

On Wednesday 16th of January all of Year 11 participated in a Language Speakers Event to promote the benefits, advantages and opportunities which come from the ability to communicate in other languages.

The students heard from a variety of speakers who all had a different story to tell but who all had one thing in common – they all speak or are studying or have studied another language or languages.

 The speakers included:

 o Miss Faryaal Shami – Year 13 JCG

o Mr. Peter Snape – Project Manager, JEC

o Mrs Marianne Bougourd – Carey Olsen

o Advocate Nina Benest – Benest and Syvret

o Mr. John Harris – Director General, Jersey Financial Services Commission

o Miss Kate McCallum – former JCG student, studying French and Spanish at St. Andrews University

o Miss Daisy Busel – Year 12 JCG

 The students were all interested to hear about the different experiences of our invited speakers. Faryaal told us how she was excited to speak different languages; Peter Snape told us how meeting his French wife encouraged him to learn French and eventually landed him a great job; Marianne who is Danish impressed us with her knowledge of French, German and English; Advocate Nina Benest told us how speaking French gave her extra confidence and life skills; John Harris, who speaks French Spanish and a little German, told us of his travels and different career paths; Kate McCallum told the students of her love of languages and her experiences so far at the University of St. Andrews; Daisy, who is studying French and Italian in Year 12 thanked the speakers and told us of her hopes for future travels and studies.

 The event ended with a question and answer session with the students and the invited guests and their MFL teachers.