Year 11 Prom

8th July 2011

The Year 11 Prom was held at Hotel L’Horizon on 1st July 2011.

Students arrived looking fabulous in all modes of transport, from stretch limousines to Army trucks.

A fantastic evening was had by all, culminating in the announcement of this year’s Prom Queen, Georgie Singleton. Runners-up were Vicky Binet and Taye Le Monnier.

Each table voted for which student was ‘most likely to’ achieve a range of future accolades; Ally Corbridge was nominated as the most likely to become Prime Minister, while Gemma Hamilton is most likely to become a famous actress and Jodie McShea a news presenter. Watch this space!

Following a lovely meal, the casino opened for business and many guests took to the dance floor. A highly enjoyable and memorable evening was had by all.