Year 11 Revision Skills Day

8th November 2011

We started by having a very quick test about neurons, which we only had 3 minutes to revise for. This was a bit of a shock, as it was early in the morning and we didn’t really know much about the topic. However, throughout the day we learnt many new revision techniques including how to draw A-maps, condensing useful information, how to memorise a pack of cards, how to memorise information that we might find tedious, such as the periodic table, and also how to create mnemonics. Not only did we learn new techniques, but we did it in a calm and stress-free environment with engaging and entertaining presenters, so that we actually had fun while revising.

Overall, I found the day very beneficial and interesting, as I learnt new techniques that I will definitely be using in the future to help cope with exam pressure and stress. I know this will be a great help during study leave and when I am preparing for exams.Year 11 Revision Day