Year 11 visit to La Hougue Bie

21st September 2012

On the 20th September 2012 Year 11 students and their parents joined the History department at La Hougue Bie at 6.45am to watch the equinox from inside Jersey’s finest Neolithic burial chamber.

La Hougue Bie’s entrance points directly east, which enables a beam of sunlight to travel up the passageway to illuminate the terminal cell within the dolmen. This is a very rare occurrence as the Equinox alignment happens just twice a year and is dependent on the correct weather conditions. We were all very fortunate to witness what would have been a very spiritual event for Jersey’s Neolithic community.
The students are currently studying the 6000 year old site as part of the GCSE controlled assessment. They all found the experience very useful in helping to further their understanding of our ancestors’ beliefs and way of life. They will hopefully use what they witnessed to add greater depth to their interpretation of the site. Hougue Bie 2012