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Rights Respecting

UNCRC – Rights Respecting Schools 

At JCG we endeavour to respect the rights of each other and everyone in our community. We gained our Silver Rights Respecting Award in 2019. This is an award that recognises the input that our students have in our school and decision making processes, as well as showing that the convention is at the heart of the ethos we have here at College. 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child includes 54 articles that cover all aspects of a child’s life until the age of 18 and set out the civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights to which children everywhere are entitled. The convention was established to promote communication between governments, adults and children to ensure the best outcome for all.

School Charter 

We have recently reviewed our whole college charter and it is now based around the following five articles:

Article 2 – Non-discrimination.

We will contribute during discussions in PSHE lessons, celebrate our own religious festivals and be willing to teach others about our own customs during assembly. We will also attend lunchtime clubs that offer cultural immersion opportunities.

Article 12 – Respect the views of the child. 

This means we as students need to listen, ask questions, and participate in student voice, putting our ideas forward to our form reps.

Article 16 – The right to privacy. 

As students, we need to respect our friends’ privacy and ensure that other people respect ours. This includes being safe and aware of privacy online and the impact of being part of online communities. Teachers will support us by listening to our concerns and carefully explaining how they keep us safe.

Article 19 – The right to protection from violence, abuse and neglect. 

Through this we, as students, will take responsibility for speaking up if we hear or see things that worry us. We will look out for our friends and report any concerns we have to a trusted adult.

Article 23 – Children with a disability living a full and decent life. 

We will endeavour to understand and be aware of children with disabilities and disorders in our community.  This also includes, making sure there are equal opportunities for all people. For example, everyone having access to the same activities.