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Table Talks

 Thank you for the very enthusiastic response you have given us to our plans to bring parents together to discuss variety of topics that will best enable you  to support your children to flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Following a postponement last half-term, we are delighted to formally launch JCG Table Talks: a regular series of curated workshops designed to address the topics you have identified as being most important to you.

Table Talks: building strong bonds, one conversation at a time

At Jersey College for Girls, we believe in the power of shared moments around the table, where parents come together to nurture not only their children but also the strong bonds within our community. 

This forum serves as a space where JCG parents can engage in meaningful conversations, fostering connections that go beyond the everyday challenges of raising adolescents.

Our first workshop will take place on Wednesday 28th February from 18:30 to 20:00.

Topic: How can I maintain a strong and open relationship with my child through their adolescence?

The evening will begin with a light meal, to set the tone of relaxed and open conversation between groups of parents. We feel that eating together is an important ingredient in the success of this venture.  

From 19:00, there will be fifteen minutes of input (via live video link) from Dr Charlotte Clarke MSc PGDip. 

Charlotte has spent her career connecting clinical practice to policy development and cultural reform. Her background is rooted in understanding mental health. Her expertise arises from being both a young person who experienced complex trauma and an adult that completed a PhD in Mental Health Science. Throughout her career she has supported adults and young people with a variety of behavioural, cognitive and psychological challenges. At When the Adults Change, where Charlotte is Clinical Director, she works with schools, MATs and local authorities to make their communities relational. 

She designs powerful programmes of work that maximise positive outcomes and minimise barriers to adoption. She is passionate about helping us look beyond behaviour and encourages us to think about the longer term physical and mental benefits that occur when the adults change. 

In addition to Charlotte's presentation, our Head Girl Team will give their perspective on what parents can do to maintain positive relationships in the home. 

We hope and expect that input from both Charlotte and the Head Girl Team will provide inspiration for the discussion to follow: food for thought!  

We will then have 30 minutes of round-table discussion (seated in groups of 8-10) before concluding with a 15 minute plenary session in which our learning from the evening is brought together.  

The format of the event, designed to foster powerful conversations and the strengthening of community bonds, does limit us to 60 places.  

A small charge of £12 per person will allow us to cover the costs of the event and make the Table Talks initiative a sustainable one. 

In order to secure your place, please book through: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/jcg-table-talks-workshop-1-tickets-827144008997

If your child is eligible for financial assistance through Jersey Premium funding or our Bursary programme, the cost of the event can be covered through these funds. Please contact our Financial Assistance Co-ordinator, Felicity Williams: [email protected]

If you have any other questions about Table Talks, please do not hesitate to contact Simon Milner, Assistant Headteacher: Student Guidance via email [email protected]