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International FAQs

How do I find out about what the College provides for international students?

JCG provides full time, immersion and leadership programmes for international students. The best way to find out about what is on offer for international students is to look at the appropriate section of our website

Where is Jersey?

Jersey is situated close to both the UK and continental Europe with regular daily flights to multiple destinations. Recognised as one of the safest places in the world to live Jersey offers clean air, stunning beaches and the perfect environment to thrive. As a major financial Hub, Jersey is home to some of the top International banks and financial institutions, based only a 40-minute flight from Central London.

Do I need to apply for a tier 4 visa to study at Jersey College for Girls?

Although part of the United Kingdom, Jersey is a self-governing state with its own Customs and Immigration. The process of applying for a visa to study at Jersey College for Girls is relatively straightforward and will be arranged through the Director of Internationalism. You will apply through the UK system, but the documentation and requirement are different to a standard UK Tier 4 Visa.

Do I apply for my visa through the UK application Process?

Yes, however…

In order to enter Jersey for the purpose of study students may require a student entry clearance. An entry clearance is a visa or entry certificate issued for the purpose of travel to the United Kingdom and Islands. Applications for entry clearances must be made in the country where the student is currently living, to the British Embassy, High Commission or other British Diplomatic Mission (collectively known as British Diplomatic Posts) designated to issue entry clearance.

In order to initiate the Visa application, please go to the below link:


  1. Scroll to Start now and select:
    Visit, study, work or settle in certain British Crown dependencies, Commonwealth countries or British overseas territories
  2. Scroll to Next and select
  3. And continue accordingly.

It is critical that you select the category of British Crown Dependencies to ensure that your UK visa application is considered by the Jersey Immigration Office.

Do students live in a boarding house?

No. Our international students will be accommodated through homestay families. Homestays offer international students the feeling and support of home while they study overseas. Advantages of the homestay model include quicker integration into UK life and an enhanced rate of improvement in spoken English which improves an understanding of British language and culture. Every effort is taken to ensure that our international students are housed in a caring and supportive home where they can fully appreciate the benefits of island life, and maximise their learning experience.

What is the process for applying through International Admissions for 14+ and 16+ education at JCG?

Students wishing to apply to Jersey College for Girls will be required to submit an application form plus a copy of their passport, a copy of two recent school reports, an example of a recent piece of extended writing in English and any certificates of examinations already passed in English e.g. IELTs etc. (a minimum standard of IELTS level 6 is required to study in Key Stage 4 or 5 at JCG). You should also complete the ESOL section of the application form.

What are the average class sizes at JCG?

In the GCSE years (10 and 11) the average class size is 18 pupils. In the Sixth Form the average class size is 12

How is the school day organised?

The school day begins with a short registration at 8.25am where students check-in with their tutor and this is followed by two 1 hour lessons, followed by a 20 minute break, followed by two more 1 hour lessons. The students then break for lunch and many of them participate in the multiple clubs and activities on offer before they have a 20-minute tutor time. This tutor time varies daily and will include a Whole school assembly, Key stage assembly, House meeting and planned Tutor sessions. In the afternoon there is a one hour lesson before school finishes at 3.25pm. When classes finish there are many other activities and clubs on offer and students are encouraged to join a variety of activities.

Each department chooses the qualification it considers will suit our students and our educational philosophy. In some subjects, we consider that the IGCSE offers a more rigorous and enjoyable academic experience which will prepare students more effectively for their A level courses but there are other subjects where we believe the GCSE offers just as much rigour.

What is the percentage of international Students studying at JCG?

JCG aims to provide an education firmly based in English language and English Examination qualifications. The percentage of international students from abroad studying at JCG is capped at a maximum of 6% of the school population. We firmly believe in the value of our international programmes and wish to provide all students with an immersive English language experience which will be enhanced further by the global reach of our students and international connections.