Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal

Please help the students of JCG raise money for the people of Ukraine

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We ask all students to purchase their own textbooks and an up to date list of required books can be found below along with information on where to purchase the required books.

Some of our courses use an online textbook resource which the College provides free of charge, giving students the option to buy a physical book if they wish.

Despite the digital age, where information is easily accessible, many students still favour a physical text book over a digital equivalent.

However, the quality of the digital book (TecBook) experience has improved, offering the function to highlight and annotate when needed. For some students this maybe a preferred medium.

In listening to our students and how they learn, they tell us that, where a good textbook is available, they would learn more effectively if they have ownership of the resources required for their studies. This personal ownership allows the textbook to be personalised and annotated according to the individual student’s need and style of working.

The new style of subject specific textbooks facilitates and encourages this further.  The structure of textbooks has developed considerably, with detailed contents and glossary pages and, chapters which have a logical flow, building upon the prior knowledge acquired in previous chapters.  Different topics are usually presented in a similar stimulating format; this familiarity enables students focus efficiently on the content and explanation.

Many textbooks contain pages with the key learning objectives, examination hints and self-assessment questions.

Furthermore, students embarking on their university studies feedback that their A level textbooks remain an essential resource during the initial months of their course.

All of the books can be purchased online through Amazon by searching with the ISBN number which we have provided below. We have some second hand textbooks avalible. Please click here to view :