Drama Studio Development

4th November 2010

Drama Studio Development

As you may be aware, work has started on our new drama studio. Our main hall and drama teaching rooms have become incredibly stretched with increased exams, assemblies, conferences and visiting speakers.

The decision to invest in a state- of- the- art, stand-alone Drama studio was made over five years ago and we are pleased that students and teachers will soon be putting the valuable additional facilities to good use.

The studio will consist of a classroom teaching space to accommodate 25 students, a storage area for costumes and scenery and a departmental office and operations room with ICT, lighting and sound controls.

The plans are shown below and if you have any questions, would like more details or a site visit please do not hesitate to call me on 516202.

Drama Studio Development

Nick Jewell
Schools Sports and Facilities Manager ESC

Layout Plans for Drama Studio

Elevations for Drama Studio