Guernsey Gifted & Talented Conference

23rd September 2013

On Monday 23rd September Mrs Cleave and Mrs Foster took four Year 11 students to a Gifted and Talented conference in Guernsey, organised by Guernsey Grammar school and provided by Academy Conferences. This was the first Gifted and Talented conference to be held in the Channel Islands.

 The students were inspired and motivated by lectures such as ‘How many animals did Noah take onto the Ark’ an established interview question used for Natural Sciences at Cambridge, ‘The Politics of Tolerance’ and the level of tolerance we as a society possess. Examples being used were racism, discrimination and the tolerance of criminal acts by not speaking out and supporting others. The afternoon saw a lecture entitled: Are we made of Maths run by Dr Lewney. He linked maths with the use of his beloved electric guitar and took the students understanding to a very deep level. Opening the eyes of all in the room to how maths is used at a complex level in everyday life and nominating one of the JCG sudents to assist!

 It was a fantastic day and really inspired the students thinking as they move into the final year of GCSE studies.

Further information on the opportunities available from JCG gifted and talented students is available from Mrs Cleave ([email protected]).