House General Knowledge

27th June 2014

This year’s House general knowledge competition was a great success with a fantastic audience coming to watch the six house teams compete for the junior and senior/staff titles.

Wednesday 25th June saw the junior competition with students from Year 7 to 9 forming teams to represent each House. The questions covered a range of topics including the topical ‘With five victories to date, what team had won the FIFA World Cup the most times?’ (Brazil) to and the question which showed that Geordie teacher Miss Wright had written the quiz ‘Which river separates Newcastle and Gateshead?’ (Tyne) The quiz ended with a tie breaker with teams being asked to state how many metres high, including the antenna at the top, the Eiffel Tower is. (The answer is 324 metres) The final results were:

1st GA

2nd NI

3rd IN

4th CF

5th CA

6th AB

Thank you to Mr Marrett for being an excellent quizmasterGeneral knowledge


Thursday 26th June saw the Senior (Year 10 and 12) students team up with members of staff to form House teams for their competition.

There was a great atmosphere and we were all very impressed by Mr Barnett and Mr Bidmead’s ‘Google hats’ which clearly helped them channel the search engine for Nightingale. The questions were very tricky and created some debate. Questions included ‘What was the last year that the tug of war was an event at the summer Olympics?’ (1920) and ‘If you headed due east from New York on the same line of Longitude, which European country would you end up in?’ (Portugal)

Thank you to Mrs Taylor for writing the quiz and being a superb quizmaster. The results were:

1st NI

2nd CA

3rd CF

Joint 4th IN and AB

6th GA


Well done to everyone involved.