Public Speaking Competition

30th November 2010

Congratulations are due to Kate MaCallum and Isobel Pedley in Y12 who braved blizzard conditions to attend the Image pr. Public speaking competition in The Arts Centre on Saturday 27th November.

Contestants from Beaulieu, Hautlieu, Victoria College, De la Salle and Jersey College for Girls presented powerful speeches about; ‘whether terrorism was a real threat or a political tool’, ‘whether celebrities should have the right to a private life’ and whether we should have cheap goods or fair trade.

Isobel Pedley spoke passionately about terrorism being a very real threat and was commended for using her sister in the audience to exemplify how much fear one might feel if a human bomb suddenly stood up beside you! Other contestants used a variety of techniques to engage their audience ranging from challenging the listeners with questions to demonstrating how two bananas differ!

Kate MaCallum was chosen as the overall winner of the competition for her speech about ‘whether celebrities should have the right to a private life’. Using a baker’s apron and illustrating her points with her imaginary shop called “Fat bottomed Girls” which sold delicious pastries, Kate effectively demonstrated how, for some, fame is thrust upon them because they have worked hard and been successful but not necessarily because they want to be in the public eye. Everyone felt sympathy when Kate told of the ‘papparazzi’ who photographed her imaginary character on a beach holiday in her bikini and mocked her “fat bottom” saying that she had eaten too many of her own cakes.

The judges felt that she had truly captivated her audience and demonstrated confidence and warmth in her delivery. Kate’s success earned her the Image pr. Public speaking trophy and £150 worth of Apple vouchers.Public Speaking Competition