Visit of Dr. Peter Claus

29th November 2011

On Friday 18th November, the History department was fortunate enough to welcome the return of Dr. Peter Claus, a Senior Research Fellow from Pembroke College, Oxford. Dr. Claus ran a series of seminars, workshops and lectures designed to stretch and challenge the most able Historians from across the island. The day was a huge success and the students got to experience life as an undergraduate in one of the world’s leading universities.

They day started with a very useful workshop on reading Medieval and Early Modern Sources. This helped students to understand how to interrogate pieces of evidence and highlighted the importance evaluating sources in the wider context in which they were created. This was followed by a very insightful seminar on the uses of Historical Anthropology that focused on the historical myth and Anti-Semitism. The day ended with a very challenging workshop on the ‘Intellectual Origins of Socialism’.

The entire day was very enjoyable and it was a privilege to work alongside such as well respected academic. Dr. Claus was, as always, warm, good humored and approachable. It is hoped that more students will now understand the importance of learning beyond the constraints of the curriculum.

Dr. Claus was very impressed by the enthusiasm and high standards shown by the students and we hope that more now have the confidence needed to apply to the very top universities. The College is extremely grateful to Dr. Claus for giving up his valuable time to work with the students and we look forward to working with him again in the near future. Dr Peter Claus