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What is the 14 – 16 Curriculum?


The curriculum you will be following in Years 10 and 11 provides you with breadth and balance, whilst retaining the academic rigour necessary for you to obtain the highest grades possible at GCSE. Your Year 10 timetable will be made up of compulsory GCSE courses (the core), your option GCSE courses and also compulsory non-examinable subjects. 


Some GCSE courses will involve non-exam assessments (NEA). This may take the form of one or two projects or numerous smaller projects that will be completed at intervals during the course. Work completed by a student in class may also count towards the final grade. The type and timing of coursework will vary greatly, and it is important for your parents to be aware of the demands placed on you at different times. It is hoped that this prospectus and the assessment calendar issued at the beginning of Year 10 will help to provide an overview of the structure of these assessments. 


You will take examinations in all GCSE subjects. All GCSE courses are linear, meaning that examinations will take place in the Summer Term of Year 11 - except for English which will be assessed in the Autumn of Year 11. The College staff, in discussion with you, will decide on the appropriate examination and level to be taken by you based on past performance. Please note that practical and controlled assessments may take place a considerable time before the main examination period.  

Core GCSE Subjects 

  • Triple Science (3 GCSEs) 
  • English (2 IGCSEs in Language  and Literature) 
  • Mathematics French 

Option GCSE Subjects 

  • Art 
  • Computer Science 
  • Design and Technology 
  • Drama 
  • Food and Nutrition 
  • Geography 
  • History 
  • Italian 
  • Music 
  • Physical Education 
  • Religious Studies 
  • Spanish 
  • Textiles 

Non-Examinable Subjects 

  • Personal, Social & Health Education and Citizenship 
  • Physical Education

Making the Right Choice

In addition to the Core GCSE subjects, you will need to make three choices from the range of optional subjects. Please note that each subject will only run if it is viable in terms of the number of students wishing to study the subject. 

In PSHE sessions, you are given advice and support from our Careers Service, Skills Jersey, about working in Jersey and possible job opportunities available to you when you leave school or university. You will have completed a Skills Survey and should use the results of this to guide you in your choices. You should consider where your strengths lie, and which subjects you find most enjoyable and fulfilling.  

During the Options Assembly, the options process will be explained. You will receive support and guidance in your choices from your Tutor and PSHE teacher. Conversations with your subject teachers are also very helpful and you should seek further assistance if you are still unsure. 

The Options Evening in January is an opportunity to find out more about the options available to you. During this evening, you and your parents should find out as much information as possible regarding the subject choices available and seek answers to the many questions you may have.