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Why JCG?

Student Guidance 

Students learn best when their emotional needs are recognised and, as far as is possible, they are met. Our Pastoral Team consists of the Form Tutor, and the Upper School Guidance team. In addition, we support students with the Educational Needs Coordinator and Head of PSHE (Personal, School, Health and Economic Education).  Your wellbeing is given the highest priority. Form Tutors look after the academic, social and emotional wellbeing of students in their tutor group. You will also have one to one academic mentoring sessions with your tutor. Academic mentoring enhances the ethos of tracking, to ensure that you know where you are with your learning, where you have made progress, what you need to do to improve and what targets you need to set in order to further your progress.   

The House System  

Each student is a member of one of the College Houses. Students enjoy participating in a range of House events, from fundraising for a chosen charity to competing in House Sport, Drama or Music events. It is at these events that we can most clearly witness the strong sense of belonging to the College community. House provides you with fantastic opportunities to display your talents, develop leadership qualities and give something back to the community.  


We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students. Each year students excel in their GCSE examination. Our GCSE Alps Quality Indicator Score places us in the top 1% for adding value compared to all other UK schools. This is the result of much determination and commitment on the part of the students and their subject teachers, tutors and parents. By working together and supporting students, great things can be achieved. Last year, our Year 11 students excelled in their GCSEs.  


During Year 10, all students will have the opportunity to take part in Trident, a two-week work experience placement. This will provide you with an insight into the workplace, allow you to develop new skills and gain confidence and encourage you to consider your aspirations in the future. 

The International Dimension 

An important aspect of student life in Key Stage 4 is engagement with the international dimension. As we live in an island community in a fast moving and increasingly interconnected world, we feel that it is vital for you to be aware of international issues so that you are prepared for life and work in the global sphere. In order to become effective and informed decision makers of the future, in Key Stage 4 you will have increasing opportunities to develop international contacts and collaborative activities with students and linked to schools in different parts of the globe. These include partnerships with schools around the world and additional student links with many other key global locations. Activities take place across a range of subjects from exchange and study trips in MFL, to collaborative studies and expeditions in the Sciences and Geography, and comparisons of social attitudes and values in Religious Studies and Personal Development. Activities are designed to challenge students’ assumptions about other places and stimulate them to think and act as global citizens. 


JCG offers many opportunities for budding musicians and performers. In addition to lessons offered by the Jersey Music Service, you can also learn a musical instrument through our College Polyphony Programme. We pride ourselves on the quality of musical performances and you are encouraged to take part in one or more of the excellent orchestras, bands and choirs led by our dedicated and enthusiastic Music staff. Our Drama and Music departments come together regularly to create outstanding School Productions. In recent years we have witnessed outstanding performances of The Sound of Music, A Christmas Carol, Calamity Jane, The Terrible Infants, and Sister Act. Students who took part in these felt a great sense of fulfilment at what could be achieved with a combination of dedication and talent.