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LEAP Coaches

List of just some of the speakers, trainers, coaches and dragons from previous LEAP programmes

Aaron Chatterley Founder, FeelUnique

Simon Boas Executive Director, Jersey Overseas Aid

Elis Joudalova OLIO Jersey Food Waste Leader & Sustainability Consultant

Ed Prow Managing Director, The Potting Shed Design

Alexandra Simmons Co-founder & Director, TimePeace

Anna Boletta Founder, Minioti Ice-cream

Dr Lesley Dickie CEO, Durrell

Lisa Springate Head of Technical, Jersey Finance

Dorothy Parker Director, 4insight Limited

Charlotte Valeur Managing Director, GGG Limited

Vaishali Shah Director, Minerva Fiduciary Services (UK) Ltd

Toni Bracken Director, Park

Cherith Fothergill Head of Marketing, Hawksford

Lynn Cleary CFO, RBS International

Stephanie Duke Head of Legal, RBS International

Kim Shields Head of Services and Transformation, RBS International

Daniel Rowles CEO and Lead Trainer, TargetInternet

Justine Wilkinson Director, Fairway Group

Susie Pinel Treasury Minister, States of Jersey

Jacqui Patton Head of Communication, RBS International

Elenor Brouchet Marketing Manager, Fairway Group

Ester Stanhope Speaker and Founder, The Impact Guru

Caroline Dutot Founder, Ardent Chambers

Andrew McLaughlin CEO, RBS International

Tony Moretta CEO, Digital Jersey

William Robinson Founder, SubmarineCreative

Matt Tabb Global Head of Corporate Communications, Equiom

John Hibbs Director, PF + A Ltd

Les Kalas Shirlaws

Sarajane Kemster Director, RBC Wealth Management

David Bailey Head of Finance, RBC Wealth Management

Alexia McCure Head of Operations, Jersey Business

Cedric Bird Senior Business Advisor, Jersey Business

Kay Pearson Finance Manager, Jersey Business

Nicola Gott Managing Director, Consortia Partnership Limited

Peter Funk Director, Carveth Ltd

Margaret Ashley Manager Performance Consulting, RBS International

Susana Mascarenhas Commercial Director, Target Internet

Rachel Wijsmuller Digital Jersey